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Piano and a Microphone: 2016 Gala Event

Prince’s Piano from “Piano and a Microphone” Gala event.


The death of an icon left Minneapolis and the world grieving for their beloved musical genius, Prince. The album, “Piano and a Microphone 1983” has just been released this month after nearly two and half years following the legend’s passing. We decided it would be appropriate to circulate the little bit of media (that we are allowed to share) from the “Piano and a Microphone” Gala event 2016 with beloved fans online.

January 21st, 2016, three months before Prince’s death, our crew was welcomed aboard to collaborate with Prince and Paisley Park Enterprise in Chanhassen, MN. We provided a multi-camera video shoot and lighting production for Prince’s Gala event, “Piano and a Microphone.” Paisley Park was the place to be for four nights of music and entertainment, which included a DJ set from the man himself, as well as a first time solo performance.

The opportunity to provide production services at Prince’s home studio for two weekends was due to a past project at the Triple Rock Social Club with a local band named PHO, who opened up for Graham Central Station on day two of this event. This 2015 fall project involved lighting production as well a full-length audio & video production of PHO’s live performance. The undeniable talent of these musicians, paired with our production services, thankfully caught the attention of Paisley Park Enterprise, which led us to being a part of Prince’s last musical performance at his home studio.

Our company felt very accomplished and honored to have our work praised by the Paisley Park family as well as invited to this historic event. Fast-forward to today and we still have some unforgettable memories being a part of a special piece of music history right here in Minnesota. Along with some unforgettable memories, we would like to share some photographs along with this promotional piece for the Prince’s “Piano and a Microphone” Gala event.

Paisley Park After Dark – The Remodel from Infinitree Media on Vimeo.

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